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Hi guys,

My uncle bought a 2002 about 4 months ago. He waited a really long time for it and was excited as could be when it came in. Unfortunately it took him about 3 days to takea dim view of it. The car just doesn't seem right... It shifts all over the place, and feels grossly underpowered. A 250 horsepower V8 should scoot the car right along but it is much much much slower than my 87 turbocoupe.

It's been in for dealer service several times and they swear up and down that the transmission is shifting normally, and that this is how all of the T-birds run. I don't know how they can claim this when their experience with them is obviously limited, but I figured the best place to ask is other owners on the net. So how about it? Anyone else suffer from lackluster performance and sketchy shifting?

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These cars should do 0 to 60 in about 7 seconds. Put a clock on it and see. I also have a Lincoln LS and the Bird is considerably faster with less than 1000 miles on it (the LS is no dog).
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I had an LS too... It was a real good runner and I expected his bird to run better being that it shares a mill and is supposed to weigh less. He claims he is nowhere near 7 seconds... Maybe closer to 9.

I swear this thing has either a bad transmission or bad EEC. When he opens it up it shuffles around like it doesn't know what gear to go into. It strikes me as strange.

I have sort of a coworker that has one also and he claims it runs good and shifts like clockwork.

I have never clocked it but mine is no slouch and it's shifts are seamless, clockwork, all gears shift at approx. 6500 rpm. Well, I don't know about 4 to 5, I have never wound 4th all the way out, yet, need to find a nice lonely road to do that on.

In around town driving I have never noticed it hunting for a gear.

I traded a 2000 Mustang GT 5 speed in on the Bird, so I do have a conception of what acceleration should be.

The Bird is slightly heavier than a LS.
Mother used to have an LS8. It was slow
if you floored it from a stop. But once
the little motor got rev'ed up it would
get on up there. The Transmission shifted
fine, never noticed any erratic patterns.
Another 50Hp would help.
Sounds like a transmission control module problem. The shifts are crisp and as Jodrod said will wind out to 6500 plus -- even from 4th to 5th. I have punched mine on the interstate and it downshifted to 3rd -- then ran all the wy up through 4th into 5th. I think I was going about 115 when it shifted, but I can't be sure, as I was watching the road more than the speedo. Have the dealer run a diagnostic again.
I don't have my Bird yet, but I have driven three different cars at various events....all 3 performed beautifully....crisp acceleration...smooth shifts...great handling...no problems or complaints.
There must be something wrong with your car that can be corrected by a dealer with the help of a district/regional ford technician.

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Thanks guys, I'll urge him to take it to another dealership for service. He's taken it in twice and written to ford about it once. Hopefully they can get it shifting right and that will tide him over until there are some aftermarket parts for it.
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