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Unbelievable! It's here. 16105 was built on Tuesday and it's in Fort Wayne on Friday. The local dealer (Dimension West) is doing the prep and I pick it up tomorrow at Noon. I left work early to see it and it looks great! Thanks to all for the help and encouragement. I'll be back on line late tomorrow after driving it all day.

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Congrats DEWbird. Now start putting on the miles and the smiles will naturally follow.

Courage - and shuffle the cards

Congrats 16,105 is home.

Hopefully 16,050, which had a ltille longer trip to Atlanta, will be here early next week.


blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: VIN #16050
It is a raining dreary day in Fort Wayne, so my new blue bird will be home bound. I picked the car up from Dimension Ford West yesterday at Noon and spent the rest of the day cruising and showing it off to my brothers and sisters. When I got to my younger sister's house, her 17 year old daughter, Emily ran to tell her "Mom, come see the new car Uncle Denny bought me". Everyone thought it was a great looker and an equally great ride. Joel, I hope you get your's early next week. It is definately worth the wait.
HeelBird, you are so right. Friday night I woke up at 12:30 and could not get back to sleep. Saturday got the car, drove it all day and slept like a baby Saturday night. I doubt that this is at all unique about people on the forum.
Congrats, it's not that far from Fort Wayne to Michigan, you should join us for the Great Lakes Cruise this Saturday, April 27. Slyfoxxmi
slyfoxxmi, thanks for the heads up about the Great Lakes cruise. We would not have been able to make this weekend, but I now see that the cruise has been postponed. I will look for the new date and see if we can't join you.
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