Ultimate Auto's Thunderbird

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Caught it at 7:00pm Central time and managed to tape it. Very worthwhile piece of video for my 2K2 T-Bird memorabilia collection. Hope Santa is good to everyone.


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I'll be taping the same program at 11pm Central-will add it to what I already have for a custom CD-have already received permission for limited production and release from the various companies that produced these videos.


Thanks fo the heads up. My kids finally understood the meaning of the T-Bird after watching 15 minutes of the program.

Unfortunately, we had to leave for X-Mas with the family. How can we get that program???

Can we download it to this site???

Thanks again and Happy Holidays,

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Just in case anyone is waiting for a rerun of this program. I checked the History site and they don't have it in their line up for the month of Jan. I didn't check any futher. So I ordered a copy of the program. It's only $19.95. So if you missed it like I did here is your chance to get a copy.

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