Two-Tone vs Solid Color Car

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The Bird that I have on order is Blue with a Blue top. I intend to have the hardtop off from Spring to Fall and only use the ragtop during those months.

My concern is that when I have the hardtop on, it will not be the same color as the rest of the car due to fading over time.

I would appreciate opinions about the fading and how others have dealt with this on other hardtop convertibles.


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An EXCELLENT question. I had this same question myself. Any paint experts out there?
Not to raise any bugaboos here, but the color of my red top is already slightly different than the body of the car. It is made by an outside vendor I understand. It's not enough to give me vapors, but it is noticeable. Curiously, the same is the case with the little Maesto model that I had to make do with during all my long years and months of waiting for the real thing.

I'm sure it also depends on the color. Metallic paint colors have a harder time of it in climates with intense sunlight like California or Arizona. The metallics burn the finish off, and oxidize (at least that's what they used to do 30 years ago). I would think that wouldn't be a problem in North Carolina.
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