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After a couple of weeks of driving, including an 850 mile trip down to Atlanta, I came up with the following two questions:

1. The traction control button: It's hidden so far out of the way, but I was wondering what the light means. Does it mean "traction control is OFF?" or On? The book is pretty unclear about it too.

2. Why is there no redline indicator on the tach? What RPM is considered too high?

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I like what Ford put in the manual "Driving with your tachometer pointer continuously at the top of the scale may damage the engine"
i hope like other performace cars the engine is red lined by the computer. when the engine gets to its red line, the computer either cuts off the fuel or the ignition and makes the car act like it is missing. i used to take my Miata up to that point once in awhile. It wouldn't have been to expecive to repair as this one though so i dount think I'll ever do it on purpose.

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TBIRD II: When you press the traction control button, the light goes on indicating that the traction control is OFF. When the light is off, the traction control is ON. When you shut the car off, it defaults to the traction control ON, so you don't really need to remember where you left it. I have only shut it off once, when trying to back out of my steep driveway after our snow. Each time I got near the top, the traction control kept kicking in and slowing my progress so I couldn't reach the street. When I shut it off, the car's momentum got me to the top without any problem. just for more info, I have not been able to spin the tires from a stop either way, the Michelins really stick to the road.
Where is the traction control light--on the switch or on the instrument cluster? The manual seems to indicate two lights(pp. 14,137), but pushing the switch doesn't seem to make either one come on, so far as I can tell. Should there be there a mechanical feel to the switch--a "click"? Mine doesn't have any feel to it at all other than sort of a rubbery springiness.
The light is on the top of the traction control button. It's yellowish and hard to see. Look closely and you should see it go on/off as you push the button. The light in the dash, only goes on when the traction control is actually working on a spinning wheel. It may only come on for only an instant when it is controlling the spin, then go off again.
icrovop: I've tried that, no dice. The only thing I haven't tried is reving it up and popping it into low. I don't need to try that on this car, it's just interesting that the tires grip so well.
The only way I have been able to light up the tires is to power brake, put the car in gear while applying the brakes, right foot to the floor and hold it for a moment then let off of the brakes. This of course is with the traction control off. The computer will detect that the car is not moving and limit the revs to about 2500 but it is still enough to break them loose. I left about 10' - 15' of expensive tires on the road. Definately not an everyday antic.
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