two of these do fit!

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posted pictures of golf bags at Yahoo site.
we now have room for enough other stuff to travel a few days. Had local guy do logos, came out good. we are ready...

Gene & Karen

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Very Cool!!! did you have them custom made?

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
We ordered bags from pro shop. they are Jones Co. Come in many colors & sizes. had t-bird & c.c. logos done locally by co. that does this. gene
I tried to find Jones Co. golf bags on the internet without success. Any chance of a phone number or source to inquire. I played golf today for the first time and my big bag barely fit in the car. And the driver did't fit in the bag. Had to take it out and place in the trunk separately. By the way, what kind of cost for the monogramming in Ca? Thanks. Deborah


their website is JONES-GOLF.COM
in Portland Or., I think bags were about $80.00 & logos were approx. 20$ per bag
they are very good quality. perfect for us.
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