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I thought I would get you on this new topic!!

Two points: (1) What is the recommended maintenance for the first check up as relates to oil change? Should we have a traditional change of oil (say 10w30) with filter, or should the synthetic oil be used? If the synthetic (and what brand is recommended)is recommended, then how how long before the next oil change??

(2) This past weekend was the first real "field" trip in our new yellow, white top, full yellow interior. It was a 250 mile visit to the family where a nephew is graduating from high school. (Of course, I nervously let him drive it to visit his girlfriend, the T-bird survived!!) Altho rain disappointed us going, the day way "perfect" in the convertible mode heading home! I even got a forehead suntan to prove it!! What a lovely, memorable, and seemingly short trip home with the "top down"! And what an "ego" trip watching all the gawking eyes!!

Best to all of you, as I enter this work week with a special energy!!

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DO NOT use 10-30 or any other oil than 5W20. Using anything other than the correct oil viscosity can cause serious damage to the engine. As for timing, many of us changed the first oil between 2500 and 3000 miles. THe true recommended interval is outlined in the owner's manual, but more frequent changes is a good idea. I've got 11,000 miles on mine now and was changing every 3000 miles. Now, I am going to every 5000.
You should definitely use the 5w20 oil as stated in the owners manual. I take care of some of the workers from the Lima, Ohio plant (home of this engine) and they tell me that the only engine failures that they hear about are oil related. I change every 2,000 miles (something my grandfather taught me with his buicks that went 300k miles without a problem...a Scottish thing). Good luck and watch out for melanoma with that forehead tan..ha ha
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