Turqoise For Hubs

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I looked at the sample for the 69 ford. Looks close but it is not quite dark enough and not quite blue enough, but Would be very close. I did a re-mixing on my color, I wasn't quite happy with it, besides,another of our familey wanted to use my paint to do her hubs so I though I'ed give it another try. I came up, with what I think, is almost a perfect match.
What I used: Four different colors. #1 FM 3968 white, #2 GM 3854 pail yellow, #3 FM 3974 Dk mat. green, #4 GM 3861 dark met. blue. These are plasti-kote 1 oz. bottles.
The primary color is the white, then almost as much of the yellow,the dark green is the third color, add as needed, and just a couple drops of the dark blue.
This combo is close enough for me and I an picky.It's not like buying it already mixed, but then I think you can get closer to the color this way. Besides, you can say YOU mixed the color, if your into that.
I will post a pic. on the yahoo site under Gobird for those that are interested.

PS, The color numbers don't have to be exact, but should be close. I got this touch-up paint at my local Auto Zone dealer.

I posted the pic. at the yahoo site under photos,new rides. gobird.
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