Turn signal/washer button

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I thought my wife was the only one that had that problem. She will be glad to know that it isn't just her.
Everyone,including almost every magazine tester hits the wipers. Ford design flaw
I`m also having the same problem. My 77 vett does the same thing. Remember when those vacume wipers would stop when you floored it? I can live with this little problem.

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My wife has a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac,and a 95 Mustang. For some reason it never happens to her. I find I do it quite a bit. My 95 Riviera turns in the other directon. No problem there. I drove a friends new Bird and on my first right turn the wipers went on. My bird arrives in about two weeks, I'll have to get use to it.

The first day driving the bird I hit the button hard enough that not only did the wipers come on, but I also got a blast of spray solution on the windshield. Have not mistakenly hit it since as I am aware of the buttons location now.

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I run into this problem once in a while, too. It usually happens the first time I take the car out after a wash. :b Guess I'll get used to it in time, but they might have made it a little harder to hit accidently.
you mean to tell me my t-bird has windsheild wipers.. i thought t-birds couldn't fly when it rained. i can't even get mine to come out the bird house if it even looks like it may rain. my bird says she'll melt.
Remember, according to native American myth Thunderbird is the rain god who creates storms by beating his wings as lightning bolts flash from his eyes. You have nothing to fear from the elements.
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