True story!

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Now I KNOW the NUDOS are really here! They're disguised as Ford salesmen...

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from the salesman where I originally ordered my car last June. (For those that don't know, the dealership denied we had an MSRP deal when after 5 months of waiting I asked for verification in writing and they then claimed all their T-Bird customers were informed that sales were going to be going for $5K over MSRP). At the time I was so furious I just let it go. In the meantime the dealership sent me back my deposit and cancelled my order without my say so. Luckily I was able to find a more reasonable dealership late last November) To continue on, this guy had the nerve to tell me that the car I ordered came in last Friday, and did I still want it? He knew that I wouldn't go for $5K over, but would I consider $2.5K? At the time I didn't have the presence of mind to tell him what I thought of him and his dealership. Instead I told him that I already got my car. I forgot to mention to him that I got it 4 months ago.

I still can't figure out how people like that can sleep at night. The mere thought of giving those people one red cent just irritates the XXX out of me!


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