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Feb 12, 2002
Just returned from a trip through the Wixom Assembly Plant. Dave Davis conducted a great tour. Although I've owned Kandi (my red/red/partial) since June, I thought I'd like to see where she was made. Definitely a worthwhile trip.

As stated here on our site, he recommended having the x-braces retorqued. Right now, there's no good fix for our hardtop abrasion problem except the tape. New cloth visors for the '03.

Although cameras are generally not allowed in the plant, T-Bird owners can bring in a still camera with some restriction.

Over-all, a GREAT tour!


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How do you arrange for a Wixom tour?

I live fairly nearby and think it might be a fun thing to do sometime.

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To arrange a tour, call Dave Davis at the Wixom plant....248-344-5359.

I am going to the plant Wednesday to meet Larry Fisher...he will give my car the once over for water leaks...seems like a very knowledgable man. He tells me not to retorque the X braces....
I'd be interested in finding out why your contact recommends not re-torquing the x braces. That seems to go against everything I've heard for months.

Mr. Larry Fisher is the thunderbird liason and will be looking at my bird Wednesday afternoon at the Wixom plant. It appears that my dealer is very happy that he is doing so as they admit they dont know how to fix this car. They only sold 6 in a year and are much better at fixing a Taurus or an F150 where they sold many more. I will report back to this board under a separate topic what occurs during my trip (with Mr. Fisher's blessing I might add)
Please post the results about everything he tells you.I think it would be quite interesting.
Since some dealers are torqueing the X-Braces. Regardless what he says they should put out a Tech Bulletin advising all dealers to do it or not. But... be sure to ask him what we do when cowl shake happens.
This is going to be a very interesting string! Our fellow T-Bird owners have reported that re-torquing to 46 ft-lbs stops cowl shake. One of the Wixom folks recommends retorquing and another says don't! This is starting to sound like a soap opera. I can't wait for the next installment. Tleslie---please hurry.

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