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George & I are up in Washington state - family obligations - but today we had a chance to run over to the Peninsula & Pt. Townsend. While visiting friends there, of course the new Thunderbird came up in our conversation. Friend said they used a lady barber in Pt. Townsend who owned a new black Thunderbird. Click! Sounded familiar so we had to check it out. found the shop in the phone book and called, sure enough, it is "LadyBarber" - one of our forum/BON members. So we popped in on her shop and visited a few minutes while she cut hair - she is busy! She has been computerless for a few months but hopes to be back on the net this weekend. Her Black Bird is parked by her shop - nice location. She even offered to let us take her car for a spin but we declined. Took photos but won't be able to post them until we get back to Texas (I didn't bring the necessary cord for downloading). btw - she was missing out on a gorgeous western Washington day - sunny. Met several convertibles today - with tops down and drivers & passengers bundled up. Temps were in the 30's/40's. That's the way we used to "fly" when we lived up here. Have to take advantage of any sun in this state.

While traveling to Pt. Townsend, we passed the Ford dealers in Anacortes and Oak Harbor - the Anacortes dealer had a red one on the floor and the Oak Harbor dealer had a black topless one. Since we were following another car at the time, we didn't get a chance to stop and get the VIN#s.

Last week we visited with "hobobob" for a few hours and he gave us the keys to his car! Alas, we had to return them. Will post those photos when we get back, too.

Dot, tbird blue w/white top on order, #18/26 the New T-bird

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Adventures in traveling with Dot and no car!
Better be careful or you'll find a T-bird at MSRP! You and George will be fighting over who gets to drive it back. It's strange without you popping up on the board once in a while. Have a safe trip - maybe your car will be waiting when you get back!
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