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The Tbird top is big, and the best place I have to store it is in my workshop, which for obvious reasons, isn't the best place to put something that you don't want scratched, dinged, dented or covered with sawdust. (Can you imagine that felt-ish liner with sawdust all over it?). Do any of you have a similar storage problem, and what are you doing about it?

I'm probably going to build a plywood box--sort of a custom cabinet--on the shop floor to roll the top into when it's off the car. I need a favor: If you currently have your top on the rack, I'd appreciate it if you could measure the entire top/rack structure (height, width, depth) so I could build a storage cabinet this week end. Can't wait to see the softtop.

Any general storage suggestions would be appreciated. I can't stand the thought of hurting that gorgeous car. Yesterday I drove home from work in a severe thunderstorm--with hail warnings on the news. Needless to say, with less than 100 miles on the car I started getting panicky. Years ago I had a friend who was getting married, so he saved up money for a substantial down payment on a new Firebird--his first new car, and a really great ride. He left the dealer and picked up his fiancee, to surprise her. They got caught in a hailstorm and the Firebird was ruined with only 6 miles on it. Many, many tears....

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I don't know how well you and your dealer get along. But my takes my off and puts it on
and stores it for me and no charge.
Says thats how he keeps customers.
Might give yours a call and see what he says.
txktom - I just measured the top in it's stand.

Width - 66"
Depth - 25"
Height - 61"

These are all rounded up to a full inch. I would feel better if someone else confirmed these, as I measured by myself without someone to hold the other end of the tape.
Thanks, Birdbrain. I'll give it a few inches in every dimension and I'm sure it will be fine. It'll soon be Spring here in Texas, and I'm getting itchy to remove the top. I guess you'll wait a bit longer in Michigan, but the hardtop does make the car a lot more practical and comfortable up there,I would imagine. And you guys have basements to store the thing in when it's off!

txktom - Actually the car is in the dealer's showroom now, and will get it out in a couple of more weeks. He is showing it with the soft top up. I have the hard top in the rack in my garage. It is far too precious (not to mention awkward to move), to be taken to the basement. But my garage is large, and it is stored up against the wall.

Have fun in your shop. I suspect you are one of those woodworkers who will love the opportunity of building your cabinet. I have friends who are the same way.

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