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Mar 27, 2001
I received my T-Bird last Tuesday. I have looked for the "TAPE" that is supposed to be the protection for that goes between the top and the body. It was not to be found. Does anyone know if Ford is still sending it? or have they come up with a better idea. I have contacted my dealer he is looking into it also.
Got my Bird Mid June and it was in the trunk inside the clear bag with the stand for the roof.
btw, your discussion title is "Top Protection" -- I would have guessed you were talking about the soft top. The tape is Ford's bandaid fix for the potential of the hardtop to scratch the rear deck (i.e., small particles of dirt acting as sandpaper when the top and deck vibrate against each other). I think if you search on "scratch" and "deck" in this forum you will find a number of related discussions.
I got mine early July #119877 and the 'protective tape kit was in a retangular cardboard in the trunk. The box contains 4 sets.
For my 2 cents I would prefer a black hard rubber trim between the roof and body. The same stuff as around the windows along the top of the door, At least it would match the doors, not scratch and help with the seal.
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