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The last two days on the drive into work at o'dark30 in the morning the temp has been 70 or above. This means top down weather is just around the corner for all the unfortunate who live in the cold north.

This is the perfect time here in FL for topless driving, in just a very short time the temps/humidity will almost have us to top up weather.

Get those tam-o-shanters out.


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It snowed in Minnesota yesterday. We have 30 or so days before T Bird wake up time. Then probably another 30 for "top down".

I enjoy all the "top down" stories.....
I agree - the weather has been great - had to put the soft top up one evening 'cuz the temp dropped into the low 60's ( that's cold enough to build a fire in the fireplace here in Florida )

Going to put the hardtop on this Saturday for a blacktie affair - at least we will be parked in the classy section.
It's hard for us working folks to outclass the average Sarasota charity ball attendee. Most everyone else will probably be wearing clothes and jewelry that costs as much or more than the bird.

Afterward I will have to decide whether it's time to leave it on for the hot and rainy season - oh yeah and love bug week.

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Took the top off on here is gorgeous (high 80's coming home - but not like Floriday - ours is dry)...but HOT weather (105+) is on its way, so will put the top back on soon for the summer.

My wife and I are going up to Route 66 this next weekend...going to stay at the La Posada in Winslow (across from train depot). Will keep the top off until after our trip...plan on spending some time on the ol' R66, come back late Monday.

Life is good!
Need to take it back off, even though midday is hot & humid the mornings and evenings are wonderful. That is one of the blessings of coming in early, the mornings are perfect for top down driving.

I agree about the 60's, anything below 70 is cold.
You get spoiled in FL.
Our weather here in Atlanta has been great for top-down driving too! Everything is in full-bloom here, very pretty scenery while driving with the top down.
It is interesting about the climates in the different parts of the country. Here some of are talking about putting the top on for the summer and others are talking about just getting the top off.

I guess the So. Cal people have it the best, top down all year long.

About it being hot and DRY, on one trip to White Sands Missile Range in the southern New Mexico desert it was 116 in the shade but they told me it was dry heat. An oxy-acetylene torch is dry heat also, 115+ is HOT anyway you look at it.
Couldn't agree more, JodRod...115+ is hot no matter how you look at it. And it's not unusual during the summer for it to be 105 at 10 PM.

The advantage we have, however, is the low humidity keeps us free from some of the "pests" found in high-humidity areas (fleas, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, etc.).

My wife and I have been to the Philippines, Malaysia and SE Asia, and we've found the 90 degrees with 95% humidity is HOTTER for us than our 115! Different strokes for different folks...

Top-down it is.

Here in York, Pa. when it gets to 60 I take the top off. This is the start of warm weather for us. I loved it when we were in Florida the other week. The top was off for the whole week there.

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Last week we drove through the French Quarter in New Orleans with the top down, it was a great experience...Many good comments as we drove right down Bourbon Street. This car is the most fun I have ever had, I have over 10,000 miles as of now, yes Charlie, my butt is glued to the seat.

Norman: We were in Key West the last of February/first of March. We stayed at Courtyard by Marriott. Not bad. Take the Trolley Tour of Old Town. Visit Sloppy Joe’s Bar. Watch the sunset from Mallory Square. Enjoy the shops and saloons on Duval Street. Sample the Key Lime Pie. Spend lots of time riding around town with the top down – enjoy the smiles and thumbs up. Watch out for sunburn. Park the T-Bird in the parking structure near Mallory Square (can’t remember the name, hard to find, follow the “P” signs). We did. No problem. Jim
Took the top off last night for the first time and took it for a ride after dark. Awesome! Drove around today too. In the 60's in Michigan today. Top won't go back on until October or November. This is why people buy convertibles!

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Top down all around out here in So. Cal.
Short of a rainstorm, I've got the wind in my hair everywhere I go with this beauty, even if it requires a sweatshirt and driving gloves.
Same reaction as all of you get....catcalls & whistles, stares and questions.
darn...this is a great lookin' car.
In the beautiful Berkshires (western Mass.) anything over 55 degrees is top down weather. 57 yesterday, had the top down all day, is my face wind/sun burned. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO

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It's been sunny and in the 70's the past few days so the 'bird has gone to work with me. Been spending my lunch driving alone the river instead of eating...ahhhh, life it good!

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