Tonneau Revisted or Not

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I am the new guy so forgive me. I sent a message to mike biddle about my limited experience with my tonneau at higher speeds.

The back sides where the fiberglass meets the metal lift at freeway speeds and show a gap. It can't be right and I wonder if I am doing something wrong.

After speaking with Dot, I decided that I would cranking the roof a few more dozen times. However, I am now starting to think that maybe my storing the darn thing bent in half is causing it to do it. I am considering laying it out flat to try and correct the problem.

Any of you have the same experiences or am I just all bent up over nothing?


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Are you sure you are tucking in the sides? They have to be UNDER rhe body work, not sit on top. I know there's a tendency to leeave the sides over the body work, but then it won't fit properly and it will lift at speed. When installed properly, it should stay in place at aly speed. Personally, I've had mine over 100 and have not had a problem.

Tucking in the sides??? If you have pic with that -- let me know or e-mail it to me at rt2esq@*********.

I think I am going to take the top off today after the wash and try it out.

I think I might post a photo of my problem if it persists.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. (By Ford?) The cover fits under the body on the sides, then fit the back of the cover under the body (plastic strip). Third step, snap the the three snaps on each side. This is the right way according to the Mystery Ride people and I have had no problems at all.
I have found that the easiest way is to snap one of the center snaps and the do the other center snap then the outer ones. This is of course is after tucking in the edges.
Am I off base or is "tonneau" a misnomer for the old fashioned "boot cover"? I have owned many convertibles and they all had boot covers over the lowered soft-top, but none had tonneaus. That term I believe came from Europe and referred to a cover for the passenger compartment.

Jim Williams
Thanks everyone. I just picked up Motor Trend and caught the photo with the sides tucked in. No need for a photo David.

As for the failure to communicate, did I miss that instruction in that cool interactive dvd they sent out on top removal???

RT2ESQ-- The communication problem is not on your end. The only way I found out was because I was lucky enough to have the Mystery Tour around the corner from me when I picked up my Bird. Enjoy your Bird and going topless!
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