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Hmmm...didn't notice-guess I was too excited about another toy. I ordered it on my MCard, so if they try to screw me, I'll use the bankcard department at work to return it for credit. I've printed the pages with the details, so I have records if necessary to dispute the charges. Thanks for the heads-up.
This is the 2nd incident reported about them.
The model came in yesterday afternoon but I didn't open package until the evening so haven't called them yet. Will be doing that today and let you know the results.
REsults: "Oh, that IS the model you're supposed to get. We just haven't changed our website & it's too hard for us to do that. You may send it back for refund. Read the back of your invoice"

well, invoice says they don't reimburse their shipping/handling charges. Guess I lose on this one even though I get some of my money back.

The model they shipped is the 1/16 size model - Thunderbird blue - that's the only color they list for the model so if anyone really wants this model, go for it. Just remember, batteries and charger are not included & Shipping charge is expensive from this source.
I just called their customer service number--spoke to Mark (said he was the same person to whom you spoke). His story is that the battery and charger ARE supposed to be included, and if the customer does not get them, then they will send one at no charge. Gave me the same story about the manufacturer supplying misleading info about the scale, and by the time they find out about it, it'd cost them "hundreds of dollars" to correct the website (so much for customer service!!). He assured me that the model did include the battery and charger, and that the 15% fee for returns on ccard orders was only if the error was theirs.

I'm still not totally convinced, but am going to try it. If they mess around, I do know how to get them via the ccard return thru my employer (the bank), and also know how to sic the Consumer Protection Division of the state Attorney General's office on them!
I called back. Mark has changed the website to reflect the scale of the model they sent me but still have the 15" listed. I decided not to return but to have them ship the missing battery & charger.

It comes separately and they have none in stock right now. Mark said their shipment of that should be in on Tuesday. We'll see. I won't expect to see charger until after Christmas though he said I should have it by Friday.

That could also mean that your order will be short the battery & charger unless they wait until they come in before shipping to you.

Add to that - the model requires 1 9V and 4 AA batteries and Mark didn't know what was contained in the battery charger kit.

Hmmm-hundreds of dollars to correct the website, Eh? Sounds like someone his blowing smoke.

Guess I'll build my own R/C car-I found a 2002 Thunderbird body that fits the gas powered 1/4 scale playtoys I like to fool with-and the one I want to put the body on has a real supercharged V-8-I originally had it set up as a Viper.

he was blowing a LOT of smoke.

I've avoided buying from exoticar in the past because they are on the expensive side but they had another model that I didn't have that I haven't seen elsewhere. At least that model came in as described on their website.

Now, I should ask you about that 2002 body you found - what size is it?? 1/4?? - where did you find it??


It is a true 1/4 scale reinforced Lexan body that fits R/C gas cars-I started playing with these babies about 10 years ago. The body is $600-building a 1/4 scale car requires jig welding experience and about $18,000 to build one-all of the ones I currently have I built from scaled-down plans I received from manufacturers. The frames are tubular aluminum, with full suspension/steering, the wheels I make from lost wax molds, and the interiors are built from plastic and upholstered in soft split leather.

They are a lot of fun-and a lot of effort-usually takes me about one year to build a good unit.

The body I located through one of the local RC shops-apparently they are being built here in CR.

I'm considering building a mold to make my own Lexan 2002 Bird bodies for the regular size R/C cars-all I need to do is get a model that has a hardtop, use the vacuum mold to form a female mold, then use clay to form the male mold and bake it-then I could mass-produce lexan Thunderbird bodies.

Well, the fun will now begin. UPS just delivered the box from Exoticar. The prepackaged box indicates that the model is 1/16th scale. The fine folks at exoticar placed the manufacturers box in their shipping box. The mfg box says that the batteries (4 AA's and 1 9-volt) are not included, so one would think that the packers of the box would have known to add to their shipping box the promised charger and batteries. There is no mention on the $53.90 invoice that they have backordered the promised missing items. Next e-mail/phone call will be challenging "Mark" regarding his promises on the phone from 12/15. Will keep you posted.
I'm giving them til the end of next week to get me the promised battery and charger. If it doesn't show (Mark said delivery by Friday of this week) then mine's going back.

Have a good phone call with them - I suspect that will be your best bet on getting an answer from them. & please let me know if he says the charger has come into their shop.
This is really a laugh! The battery charger and battery package came in today. I can understand why it was not sent with the RC model - it's practically useless for the RC. The rechargeable 9.6V battery pack is not meant for the Thunderbird RC model and the 9V battery included in with the pack is NOT rechargeable - herefore a total waste. Better off buying your batteries from Walmart. I'm returning all. (unless someone wants to buy the whole thing from me)

Dot, tbird blue w/white top on order, #18/25 the New T-bird
Sounds like all the manufacturers or stores are trying to cash in on the T-Bird craze-the models ordered from Kay-Bee aren't white with the 7 spoke chrome wheels-they were yellow with the 21 spoke units-and were in 1/43 scale-I'd buy the one from you, Dot-but I already have my 1/4 scale R/C being rebuilt with the T-Bird body

That's interesting that they got the 1/43 size in - no one's spotted new ones showing up in that size since last year.
As for the white one, it's listed on site so will place my order from them. Their prices are always reasonable. I suspect it will also have the 24 spoke wheel as the pictures I've seen on ebay have the concept wheels on them.

You will have a very unique piece to trailer around behind your Thunderbird someday.
The model is nice and if you have no other source to get it, then it's an ok deal without the battery charger (other than their shipping/handling charge is excessive). My problem is I already had a much cheaper source of the the model that was sent and didn't need a duplicate.
Yesterday I was in Tulsa and went to Foley's department store at Woodland Hills Mall. I picked up the red 1/16th R/C sports roadster for $22.95 + tax. They also had the black ones in stock. They had them marked down to $26.99 less 15% coupon (Original price was $54.00) They had about a dozen left. I had returned a sweater that I had recieved for Christmas. Got another sweater on clearance + the R/C for the same money! Santa been bery, bery good to me!


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