To all Canadians: Cost of Northern Bird???

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Mar 25, 2002
I heard a reprt on the radio tonight that some car manufacturers (NOT the dealers) are pricing Canadian versions of their cars significanty lower. They cited a Honda Odessey which sells for $28K, going for $4K less up north. The reporters said there is starting to be movement across the border for cars, which are then brought back to the US.

Chrysler and another manufacturer (can't remember) have tried to combat this by saying they will void the warranty. But at $4K, you could buy your own (aftermarket) and still save cash.

Anyway - please share with the board what you paid for your cars, as well as what they are listing for. Also, what is the wait like? Thanks!

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Just ordered my 02 bird last week at $58545 Cdn (at 1.58 Cdn per US $ = $37,050 US$)
includes hard top and full accent package.
I've heard rumors of cars being purchased in Canada and sold back into the US for a profit. My dealer told me that the 03 bird was going to jump up by $9,000 Cdn. to stop this.
I also heard today that the 2003 Canadian car will have 26 horses more and the price would be $65000 Canadian $$$ with Chrome wheels roof and full accent. Now the car is $58650 + Chrome wheels 2500. That is a $4000 uplift.
Nov 18/02 for first 2003 build is right. No cars delivered before mid December also a NEW RED. and no Coral for Canada.
I paid 58500$ cdn with hard to and full accent and 995$ cdn in shipping costs.

I also met a guy that had ordered over 12 Tbirds from differend dealers and was shipping them south of the border as the sold for 10K usd more.

I actually saw in his driveway 6 birds all in the 2000 range back in october 2001 ready to be shipped by truck.

This practice is a real problem for manufacturers and is not about to stop.

This guy was moving on to Minis as soos as they would be out. He told me he had about 15 on order and would be making about 5K usd per vehicle shipping them to the US.

I guess the trick is to keep up with the hot items and the trends.
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