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Jan 15, 2002
We've had our Blue/Blue Premium for about a month, and yesterday I decided to check our tire pressure and install some TireMinders on both my wife's BMW and my Bird.

Door panel lists the pressure for the tires to be 30 lbs. Tire lists it to not exceed 44 lbs., but owner's manual clearly states to go by the door panel and not the pressure listed on the tire.

To my dismay each tire read out at 40 lbs.
(I only use a sophisticated tire gauge which I keep in back of each of our cars.) I reduced all four back to 30 and installed the TireMinders.

Has anyone else noticed their tire pressure off, or is this just something that came from our dealer incorrect?

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I posted this on another thread, but it should explain why you had 40 pounds on your tires. When my dealer pulled up the TSB's for information on the paint rubbing problem, there was one other tech message. Under the heading of Pre-Delivery Tips, it says, "The tires on the T-Bird are inflated to 40 psi for shipping purposes. The tire pressure must be set to the correct pressure at time of delivery. The correct tire pressure is 30 psi on the front and rear tires. It is critical that the tire pressures be set correctly at pre-delivery to ensure optimum vehicle ride, handling and braking". So there you have it ... 30 psi is where they should be.

Your dealer must not have checked the tire pressure.


Excellent...thanks for the response. I must have missed the earlier post (my wife might comment that this was normal for me!).

Thanks again...
yello7530, don't feel bad mine had the same pressure range. Set all to 30.

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If you go to the site below, you'll find valve caps that measure the tire pressure and tell you by their color when you need to add air.

Hope this helps!
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I run my tires at 34 psi all the way around because of the 50/50 weight distribution. They'll ride a little but rougher but I'll get better gas mileage, tires will run cooler and I'll get longer tire life than at 30 psi.

Of course your results could vary ,


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Thanks Everyone! I'm going to feel quite confident when (and if) my red/red '03 gets here. There's no way I could have found out all I now know about the T-Bird without you!

Thanks again.

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