Tinting the windows darker

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I was just wondering if any of you bird drivers have tinted your windows any darker than they came from the factory? I was thinking about doing this and was wondering how others felt about it?


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I have mine tinted max legal here in FL. On a black car I think it looks really good.

If you do it, try and find a shop that has worked on BMWs or Mercedes, both of these have the autodrop windows like the TBird. I have had no problem with the tint peeling at the top where the window seats in the seal.

Goto Tinted Windows to see what it looks like. It is the very last picture titled "Left Fro...", click on it to get a larger image.

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I had mine professionally tinted a couple of weeks ago. I think that the constant stares that I was receiving in the car were starting to make me a bit paranoid!

Really, the reason that I did it was to help cut down on some of the glare coming in, especially in the mornings on my way to work, with the morning sun beaming in on me through the side window and the inability of being able to swing the sun visors to the side.

It also makes the interior feel cooler and seems to dress up the look of the car (my opinion). I think that there is also an added feel of security that comes from tinting the glass.

I haven't photographed it since the windows were tinted, but I'll try to do it sometime soon and post it on our "Atlanta group" website.
Here in Phoenix, tinted windows are a must. I had my tinted at the dealership before I took possession of the car (part of the deal).

The fella who did it did an awesome job, much better than the one who did the Benz. The car had to sit for three days before windows could be lowered (cure time). I had both tops done, also, except for the portholes.

Did it as dark as legal for Phoenix...looks awesome and makes a BIG difference on the issue of heat/UV rays.
Here in Pa. the state frowns on this and you can run into trouble when you try to get your yearly state inspection. I'd like to have it done but I'll have to do some checking on it before.

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Let me know what you find out about the tinting. This is something that would help my tender and delicate eyes.
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