Thunderbird Sightings from My Recent Trip to Florida

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I just returned from a week-long trip down to Miami, and up to Palm Beach in South Florida. I was in a rental car (not in my Thunderbird) for this trip, but I kept my eye peeled for ANY new Thunderbird's that might cross my path. I have to say that the Thunderbird's seem to be very scarce on the road in that area. I saw only 4 Thunderbird's during the past week. One was a red deluxe model with a red hardtop on the road near Lighthouse Point on A1A. I saw 2 white Thunderbird's, one with a white hardtop and the other one without a hardtop. Both were in the Boca Raton area, around Mizner Plaza. I saw a blue one without a hardtop in Palm Beach.
On the other hand, I saw probably about a hundred of the new Lexus convertibles... I guess that our new Thunderbird's are still the exclusive/unique automobiles that make them so wonderful to own and be seen in each and every day!

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This past weekend I went from Sarasota to Coral Springs, Florida and back again to watch the Police Motorcycle Competition only saw one yellow Bird the whole weekend and that one was doing about 100 eastbound on Alligator Alley.
Just got back from a 10 day trip to Philadelphia. drove back and forth from Atlanta, over 1600 miles.

Saw a yellow one on I-77 just West of Charlotte and saw a black one near Conshahacken (suburb of Philly) near I-476. That's it.

Just like TBirdTim, I saw lots of Lexus SC430s.

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Recently returned from a trip to Virginia. Drove both ways between Lakeland, FL and Manassas, VA. I was on I-4 and I-95 (mostly). Did not see a single Thunderbird! I don't have mine yet so, believe me, I was really hoping to see one.
In the small town of Texarkana, TX, pop. 65,000, last Friday I parked my blue/full blue int. premium next to a blue, black int. premium(curiously without the driving lights). The local Ford dealer only got five Tbirds, none of them blue, except mine. Life is strange, as Mickey and Sylvia said long ago....
In a month-and-a-half, I have made 3 sightings; a red (like mine), a blue, and a black. That leaves Yellow and White to go. Many people have told me that Freyja is the first new bird they have seen.
I'm in Florida right now in Key Largo and will be heading to Sarasota tomorrow. We drove the bluebird from Md. I've only seen three others on this trip -- a yellow bird in Sarasota, a black bird (deluxe with full red interior) parked on Atlantic in Key West (I rang the doorbell, but no answer) and red bird on Marathon Key. The red bird (deluxe with full red interior) was in a parking -- my wife spotted it and told me to pull over...I parked right next to it...I struck up a conversation with the owner, who told me that she and her husband own a white one (with black interior), too...

Her plate? "FN FN FN"

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Yes, they do seem to be a rare bird here in FL. In the St. Pete area I have only seen three others, a black, a blue and a red (four if you count Gobird's when they stopped by).

My wife has spotted several others in the area where she works. I have talked to two other people who have them but neither were driving them at the time.

There must be more around, we have about 6 Ford dealers in the area, all of which were getting 25 to 28 each. That means there should be approx. 75 in the area.
We drove to Louisville and back last weekend. The only T-Bird I saw was a red premium with the hardtop on near Franklin, NC. I sure like the exlusivity, but wonder how long it will last.

If we assume that there will be 150,000 Birds built for the entire production run, it works out to 0.00053409 Thunderbirds per person in the good ol' US of A. Or another way of looking at it is we would each have 1872 people in our cars with us (now that is a crowded two seater). It should remain relatively exclusive.

I wish I would have known you were right here in my backyard! Would have loved to meet up with you. I live in Ft Lauderdale, but work in North Miami. I would definitely like anyone who passes through these parts to let me know...would be great to meet fellow T-Birders!

By the way I had my Blue/Blue deluxe out on A1A last weekend driving up toward Palm Beach on Saturday afternoon visiting friends for dinner. Guess you didn't spot me!

I just got back from working out of town in Columbus Ga. and while there I finally spotted my first Birds outside of our Tbird group. One was a yellow one parked in downtown Columbus. As we pulled up a meter-mister (not meter-maid) was writing a parking ticket for it. I tried to talk him out of it but he said if someone could afford that car then they could afford the parking ticket. The other one was a BlackBird we passed on the way out of town. So one week after my Bird came home to roost I finally start seeing some Birds in the wild.

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Saw a young girl in a black bird last night on 85 North...of course I'm in convertible-envy mode, and I've got moonroof open and both windows down...I give a big woo-hoo from about 5 lanes over...she looked at me like I was I'm thinking to myself, easy honey, I'm looking at the car, not you!

I'm seeing more and more now, and of course anytime anyone from work sees one they make sure to tell me right away...hopefully I'll be joining the new bird ranks soon!

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