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Does anyone know where I can find a nice poster of the Thunderbird? I've seen ones for the concept car but would rather have one of the production version. A poster with the title 2002 MT Car of the Year wouldn't be bad either. Thanks folks!
As of late, I am an avid collector of all Thunderbird paraphernalia. Included in the collection that decorates my car's shrine is a laminated poster of the 2002 Thunderbird in yellow, with a T-bird blue border. I purchased it on E-bay for under $10. You can probably pick one up there. I might still have the address of the seller if you need it. has both old and new T-Bird metal signs, the quality is excellent. I have athe original Ford advertisement for the 56 T-Bird a Blue and a Black car. They have a yellow 2002 as well.
Better than a poster. You can hang them as is in the garage.I have had a few Mustang ones framed for my family room, they look great.
You can search their website by Ford or Thunderbird. They also have other neat stuff, beer ads, oil company stuff, etc.
I think Leisha is in a better position to find current posters of the 2002. Ford of Canada has produced several this past year of the 2002. The ones noted earlier in this thread are all of the concept Thunderbird.

If you watch ebay, you'll also come up with promotional posters that Ford of USA gave out at shows or have as centerfolds in their brochures. The only problem with those is the fold creases.

There is one commercially available one but it's rather pricey. artist's webpage:

the New T-bird
Dot, I'm sure glad that one is a blue car. If it was red my pocket book might be a little lighter!


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