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Tom, My wife and I are equally concerned about the look and quality of the boot. Pre-production models we have seen running around the streets of Detroit area here have looked very shoddy! Saw one at a "cruise night" a couple of weeks ago that a Ford engineer had driven, and the surface of the vinyl is pebbly vinyl and not smooth leather-looking to match the seats. I understand the boot folds in half to fit into the trunk when not in use and on both edges in the center, the vinyl trim edging had started to peal away already! Lets hope that the production models will have a better looking, smoother vinyl and smoother fit!
The Ford employee 2002 T-Bird Preview showing is this Friday, July 20th, at Ford World headquarters in Dearborn. About 145 old T-Birds from all over the country will be there representing lots of different T-Bird clubs. And of course, there will be lots of new T-Birds on display. There is to be lots of media coverage of the event. I am most interested in "checking out" the boots of these production models. I will report next week on what they look like.

Also, I drove out to the Wixom assembly plant yesterday afternoon and saw lots of new T-Birds behind the fences at the re-work shop. I asked one of the workers if they has shipped any yet and he said "we're almost should happen in the next few days". Don't know what he meant by "almost done" but my guess is that after the 20th intro is done, they will start shipping. We can only hope!!!
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So how does the boot fit on to cover the soft top?
More info re: the top boot. At the T-Bird Launch Celebration at Ford HQ last Friday, July 20th, I looked at all of the 2002 T-Birds on display (about 8 or 9 cars) and the boots they all had were very nice. They were made out of the convertible top cloth (Haartz Cloth?) and looked 500% better than the pebbly cheap-looking vinyl ones that have been on the pre-prod. models running around the Detroit area for months. However, a Ford Wixom employee I talked with said that we cannot be gauranteed that the cars shipped to dealers will be "exactly" like the ones we saw at this launch celebration. But the good news as reported by Jac Nasser was that shipments will begin this week to dealers!!
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