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In a discussion on chrome frames several months ago, I mentioned
The license plate frame in the Ford Collection catalog has the emblem and script logo side by side at the bottom. The part number is S11167 and sells for $44. I agree about it being the more 'traditional' look.
I didn't find a picture of the one offered on ebay, but this is the best looking one I've seen. After paying a hefty premium for a California Arts personalized plate though, I don't want to cover the edges.
I have a set of these on my blue tbird. I also purchased the hardware.These frames changes the looks from one car to another if your parked next each other. Also looks good from a distance.
Navigator, it's a mail order catalog published quarterly. Wish I'd seen your question a little earlier because I sent in an order today for a lightweight T-bird jacket - looks pretty sharp - and could have referred you in the 'pass it along to a friend' box.

You can probably get it yourself by sending a request to The Ford Collection, P.O. Box 19787, Birmingham, AL 35219-0787. The inventory changes with each issue and they have a lot of items not advertised on the Ford merchandise web site.
I just called the 800# for the Ford Collection (found it on the website), and they said that they are not currently sending out any more catalogs to "retail customers". They claimed that the only catalogs going out are to the dealers, and pointed me back to the products on the website. Unfortunately, the selection there is very limited!! I will be contacting my Ford dealer today!!

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