Thunderbird Inspired Designer Clothing

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I have found a 9-page ad of photos in the March issue of Vanity Fair magazine of Thunderbird-inspired designer clothing and accessories for men and women. I have put pictures of the pages from the ad on my Yahoo website (look for the word "fashions".

My website is at:

I also found an article explaining the ad on another website, The Auto Channel. Here's their article to explain the photos:

Thunderbird On 7th Avenue

NEW YORK – The designers of the 2002 Ford Thunderbird created an instant classic with the reintroduction of this American automotive icon, and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, America’s top fashion designers have paid quite a compliment to this everlasting piece of American motoring history. This month, the public will see exactly how the Thunderbird has seamlessly lent its celebrated lines to a series of one-of-a-kind creations from several of the world’s leading fashion designers.

Nine renowned designers, including; Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Oliver Peoples, Gene Meyer, John Bartlett, Diane von Furstenberg and Lambertson Truex, have produced a collection of clothes and accessories inspired by the new Thunderbird. The creations will be promoted on, and auctioned on eBay beginning March 11, with Ford guaranteeing a minimum of $30,000 in proceeds to New York Fashion Cares to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation and to support breast cancer awareness in low income areas.

“Fashion is about self expression and wearing a design that makes you feel good about yourself,” said Doug Gaffka, Ford’s Living Legends design director. “We take the same approach to design that inspires the world’s leading fashion designers, only our customers dress themselves in sheet metal.”

A leading manufacturer in the design of prescription eyewear and high fashion sunglasses, Oliver Peoples tied today’s chic style with the look of the Thunderbird in its latest eyewear design. The lens shape was borrowed from the flowing lines of the Thunderbird’s windshield. In addition, for the design prototype, Oliver Peoples used the porthole window shape in the tip of the temples. The porthole window is a 1950's signature feature retained for the 2002 edition.

“The car’s colors and details inspired me to use only a chrome finish frame, a neutral color that blends with most people and goes with all car colors,” said Larry Leight, head designer for Oliver Peoples. “We also used polarized lenses with anti-reflection coating, the best possible lenses for high-definition vision.”

Lambertson Truex

The influence of the new Thunderbird on fashion is clearly evident in all of the featured clothing as well, including in an ensemble for men by John Bartlett. Bartlett’s black leather jeans are fastened with a silver Thunderbird-buckled belt, and his sleeveless tee in black silk, features a red “T” as a graphic inset that says style as only an American classic can.

Accessory designer, Lambertson Truex features the Thunderbird’s actual convertible fabric in the design of his and hers totes. Diane von Furstenberg, ‘70s fashion icon, and resurgent women’s designer, created a custom pattern for a silk scarf that also has been incorporated as the paint scheme for a one-of-a-kind Thunderbird.

“When I first saw the Thunderbird, I was instantly consumed by feelings and visions representing Americana,” said von Furstenberg. “In creating my Thunderbird-inspired designs for the collection, I tried to stay consistent with the concept of an American icon.”

Diane von Furstenberg

“The fashions are a celebration of design and a demonstration of how all designers are inspired to create from forces outside of their specific industries,” said Gaffka. “After all, we’re in the fashion business, and our job is to create these fashion statements.”

The all-new 2002 Ford Thunderbird expresses a bold, confident and free feeling delivered in the form of a dramatically designed, two-seat, rear-wheel-drive, V-8-powered, convertible roadster.

The designers of the vehicle took great care to borrow classic styling cues, but to never lose the modern look. The car’s two-seat configuration, hood scoop, round headlamps, egg-crate grille and porthole windows all pay homage to the past with 21st century materials, technology and design language.

Ford officially opened the order banks for the 2002 Thunderbird on Monday, January 8, 2001, the day the car made its regular production debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Thousands of customers placed orders for the dream car soon after Ford announced a suggested retail price starting at $35,495. A fully loaded "premium" model – which includes a removable top with porthole window, 17-inch chrome wheels, traction control and unique interior trim color – is priced at $39,795. In all, Ford will build approximately 25,000 Thunderbirds each year at its Wixom Assembly Plant in Michigan.

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Notice the sunvisors without airbag labels on photo 2.

Look at the tiny details and you'll see how they use the Thunderbird "wing", such as the mens belt buckle on photo 6.
Not crazy about the shirt or pants but would like the belt buckel. I wonder how $$$ they want for that?

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I just noticed the silver Thunderbird wing logo hanging from the ladies handbag in photo no. 3, which the description in the ad says is a keychain...would be great if they were able to be mass produced.

I'm sure that these clothing items and accessories are going to go for outrageous prices when they make it to e-bay in a couple of weeks.
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