Thunderbird Hardtop on Ebay

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Interesting, it's NOT a factory top, but it does have a dome light that ours don't have. I wonder what that does to the headroom. Thinking about it, it's too bad Ford didn't put a light just over the rear window, there's no reason they couldn't have that I can think of.
Would like to see more detail on this top. how does it latch? how does it look on the car? wonder if the company making this top is the same company that makes it for Ford?
It would be great if the Thunderbird Destination organizers could get this company to bring a top or two to Destin for a little look over by the gang. If it is good quality, I would imagine that they might have a few sales. If not, then better we all should know in person rather than bidding blindly on eBay.


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That's a great idea. I'll try to contact the company here in Atlanta selling the hardtops on Ebay and see if they want to come to Destin.
The top is being made in Canada for this guy. He has plans for a possible sunroof option for $500.00 which I thought was a neat idea. I gave him this web site address so he could come over and answer questions about his tops, I think he will post something here so everyone can get the scoop on them, he has sent me two nice long email explaining his top and how it was done. This might be the answer to the guys wanting a different color top.
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