Thunderbird Font

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I think I found a font that is real close to the Thunderbird font on our cars.

Go to

Select Dymaxian Script. Let me know what you think. Is it more correct normal or Italic?


If someone finds a closer one please let me know.

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I vote for the Thunderbird Italic. Look at the book cover displayed at the end of this topic and see if the lettering doesn't look like it has the slant look of Italic.

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its close, a guy i know has the exact font, ill get it from him and post it here. fwiw the "T" and the "e" are way off, i have a fender script here and holding it up to the screen its close.
I'm back - with 6 pages of topics to catch up on!! Knew I had a script that matches real close so see for yourself. Picked the script up about 4 years ago so don't remember what site it came off of but it's called "Raceway" incase anyone is able to find it again.

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Raceway is available from The Font Bureau for $40 a pop and is licensed for the number of cpu's it will be running on, 2 - 5 cpu's the cost is $80.

I think I will do some more looking.

BTW, welcome back oh great traveler of this big country of ours.

one of the above sites had this page of instructions: http://members.*******/fontcity2/instruct.html
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