Thunderbird Destination... Update 6/12/02

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From time to time, I'll post updates about the event. This is the first of many that will be placed on this forum over the coming weeks and months. I know that everyone here wants to keep up with what is going on with "Thunderbird Destination"...

Since my first announcement a week ago, most of the reservations have come from people here on this forum. I have received checks from 19 people, with more checks supposedly on the way from others. I have received 18 checks for the "drive-in" night, which is almost sold out. So far, it looks like a "Thunderbird Forum" convention!

We continue to contact people through various methods, both to add to the itinerary for this event and to generate new participants. If you know of any Thunderbird owners in your area or any clubs in your area, please contact them and either give them my e-mail address (TbirdTim@*******) or have them check out our website a for the latest information about "Thunderbird Destination".

Next week, I'll publish a list of those from this forum that will be attending. I'll also publish the States from which everyone will be coming, in case anyone here wants to try and organize a caravan of Thunderbirds from your area. If you do want to do that, you may want to start a separate post for your caravan that you are trying to put together.

That's all...until the next update!

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Tim, I just gotta say, you do one heck of a job! Thanks for all you do to make events like this possible.

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Thanks for the kind words, charliefed. I need to also thank EVERYONE in our "Atlanta Group" for getting things rolling here in this area for us new Thunderbird owners. We have a GREAT "Thunderbird family" here!

I also owe thanks also to Joelja, DavidA and TbirdMarty, as they are working hard behind the scenes to make "Thunderbird Destination" a success. There's a lot that goes into putting together something like "Thunderbird Destination"!
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