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Mar 16, 2001
anyone receive 2nd mailing?


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I am looking for mine in the mail this week. They were mailed 11/21 (Thanksgiving week) so it has been slowed somewhat. Also, the Xmas mail, pkgs. etc; is starting to get heavy. The lady I talked with at the 800 # said to call her back if I did not receive my mailing by Mon. 12/03. Good Luck and hope this is helpful.
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I spoke with the lady at the 800# also...some of the packages did not go out until Monday 11/ we should see them today, tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.
As I recall, it took up to 4 weeks for those on this message board to all receive theirs from the time they were initially sent out, so don't panic if they don't show up within 3 or 4 days.
I have yet to receive anything from the Collection and my dealer assures me he has registered me. Can someone tell me the 800 # so I can call and verify that I am registered?
Thanks for the #. So far all I get is ringing but no answering.
Just wondering what is supposely being
sent now. Know on BON was a hot topic
for a while.

Last week when had the big blow up with
the dealer, Customer Service was stating
that they paid and made sure name was
listed Blah, Blah, Blah.

Not worth having contact with the dealership, was just curious what might have

whv01 - there are other threads within this forum that have discussed this collection since this particular thread was started - just a continuation of the BON threads on the subject.
I have the set outlined on this page on my site:
memorabilia - with dates they started arriving at doorsteps along with picture links of the first 2 sets.

They're also on this one:
FAQS which has a description of the 5 mailings.
I'll check it out. When put a search for
collection this was the only thread to
come up.

Was just curious to see what might have
Bought my car in early November and was signed up for the Thunderbird colletion at that time. I called the 800# about 2 weeks ago and was told by them a dealer had to request the information. I called my dealer and gave him the number which he called and confirmed my name as being on thier list. They assured him again we will be getting all items, but no time frame. Hope we receive by summer.
On March 11, then on March 13 we received the bookends, the red book, the journal, the Polaroid photo of our white T-Bird coming off the line and a note telling us to expect three more mailings. Who can tell me what will be contained in the other three mailings and when we should expect to receive them?
This is the "normal sequence of mailings:

1. Red book w/bookends
2. Yellow book with static clings the color of your car
3. Blue book

These three mailings have all been done, for the most part, with the exception of "catching up" those folks who have not gotten them.

4. White book with diecast TBird model the color of your car. I am guessing late May for this one.

5. Black book: a journal. With metal engraved plate. This item is supposed to be shipped right after you get your car.

The above is my best info based on what I have learned. It may not be completely correct.

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pretty close to correct, Joela - don't see anything wrong with what you stated.
mailings are about 3 months apart so even those catching up will have to wait inbetween mailings.
I've received mailings 1, 2 and 3, but not 5. I've had the car since Nov 1, 2001. My dealership closed, went out of business March 20. Do you suppose I will not get any more mailings even though the dealer paid for the collection?

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tbinil: I would suspect that you'll just get your mailings the same time that the rest of us who haven't got our 'birds yet since you already got #1-3. Your defunct dealer paid for your mailings along time ago and it shouldn't affect that order.
Since each mailing includes a "personalized" letter from the dealership, I wonder if there's a possibility going out of business could have an effect on future mailings? Might be worth a letter to the regional sales office.
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