thunderbird bites

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I was carefully detailing my car and have learned a lesson. If you run your hand down the chrome strip (passenger side portion of windshield) and carelessly put your hand underneath to too can get bit. There is a piece of metal down there that pierces through fingertips and cost me 3 stitches....Not to worry, I am a doctor, but suffice to say this hurt. For the life of me I cannot figure out what this piece of metal does. It should be shaved off. Beware when cleaning this biting bird.

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Originally posted by tleslie:
I am a doctor, [/B]

Should have kept that a secret, now everyone is going to be asking you medical questions! /ubb/smilies/uhoh.gif
Hey Doc,
I checked my T-bird and couldn't find the piece of metal you describe. I ran my finger (carefully, of course) along both side of the chrome strip on the passenger side and it was completely smooth. I opened the passenger door and checked the area below the chrome strip also. There is a plastic assembly under there that seems to be holds the chrome frame in place -- it had some edges to it but nothing that would cut you I don't think. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. Or maybe I misunderstood and looked in the wrong place. Thanks for the heads-up, but in my case the bird ain't biting.
You looked in the right place. Went to a dealer mechanic here in town and he cant figure out what it is for either. I will talk to the ford rep next time he comes to town.
Amadeus has no teeth...thanks for that info, though, Doc.

I had a similar experience years ago when washing my 1974 Mercury XR-7 Cougar. For some idiotic reason, I was running my hand around the tread (maybe inspecting for treadwear??) and found out the hard way that I needed new tires on the rear. Some of the steel belts had begun to protrude and I raked my hand across them. No stitches were needed, but I learned a lesson about sticking my hand in unseen places!
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