Thunderbird 2002 Book

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Mar 15, 2001
Thunderbird Year
Has anyone bought the book shown at the bottom of this page? I'm just curious if it is any good. Seems like any Thunderbird owner would want one on their coffee table. :)



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I'll put my own plug in on it. One of the chapters is devoted to what I collect - classic t-bird memorabiilia (iconology as it's referred to in the book). I was interviewed for part of it and some of my photos were used as illustrations in that chapter.
What timing! I'm sitting here with
the box, from the fordcollection,
on my lap and........opening.....
yes, the book is inside.

Will be looking at those pictures tonight as it is raining today.
I placed an order for one through Ford on 11/13/2001 and still have not recieved it, but I do want it. Maybe it will arrive Thurday with my car.
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