Thunder on 66 update-03/29/02

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There have been some changes to Thunder since the last update.

I will not be continuing on to the International Convention at the
Wyndham Costa Mesa. Apparently we no longer have a group meeting us
at the WigWam in Rialto, so for those of you that would like, we
will continue on to the Santa Monica Pier, then head back to Barstow
(?) for the evening. I am now planning the return trip, for those
that would like to head back east with me.

For those that are going on to the IC, I will provide instructions
on how to get there.

I'm mailing out itineraries and hotel lists to everyone that is
registered-you should have them by next week.

Had a real good belly laugh yesterday-my wife came home from work with all of the trappings left her by her employees-today is her 40th Birthday.

*************, Chairman-Thunder on 66

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Tell Deb to have a very Happy Birthday for us.

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Not open for further replies.