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Thought I would start a thread to see how many people from this board plan on participating in Thunder on 66. Also if plan to make entire trip or only portion of trip. If only portion, where to where?

I will be participating from Amarillo, Tx. to Albuquerque, N.M. for sure and may drive east to start my participation in Weatherford, ok.

Look forward to hopefully meeting a lot of people from this forum.

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Dot and I will be coving a portion of the trip. Dot is making the decisions of where we'll start and where we'll finish, but I think it'll be about the same as you. If the timing works out, we plan to join up with them sometime on Friday in Oklahoma.
The wife and I are planning on making part of the tour but don't yet know what portion. We want to take a trip to the Canyonlands/Rockies and will make the tour part of our vacation. My guess is we will do the Canyonlands and join the group in AZ and make the end of the run.
As of "Today", my wife and I are planning on going the whole way. She had to go when she found out Katie Couric was too! She will fly back to Michigan from LA and I hope to have her brother meet me in LA to drive back. Our check and app. have been sent! This should be one of those "once in a lifetime" things! Can't wait (for the trip and my car).

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Do think the wifey and I are going to be making the trip as well. Little depends on some family things that may develop around the same time frame.

Will start somewhere in MO, depending on where they stay that night.
We're still debating on making the trip. We were going out to California on the motorcycles in June, and didn't really want to make two trips west. However, we may cancel the motorcycle trip and drive the Route 66. I drove it many time back in the early 60's and would love to see it all again. Our final decision will come in the next few weeks. If we do drive, we'll do the whole thing, if we ride the bike, we'll probably meet up in Oklahoma.
We will be doing the whole trip. Just need to know when and where to make the hotel reservations. And your right it does seem to be a one in a lifetime event. Plus, Katie and Martin will be there!
I'm hoping to drive the full distance. I applied for membership to the thunderon66 yahoo group and was waiting for approval, but now I see it grants immediate membership to anyone who joins.
my wife and I are planning to go the whole route. looking forward to a great time. check and application sent.

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Does anyone have a group cost for shipping cars back yet? I checked with 4 shipping companies including Horseless carriage last week during the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale and they all quoted around $1,000.00. I perfer Horseless carriage myself, they are a class act from pick-up to delivery.
I'm chomping at the bit to meet up with folks as they come through Oklahoma. Big problem - we are having my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary party on August 17th, so the day that folks will be going through (the 16th) we may be working on the last minute stuff for that. I'm still holding out for some type of meet up somewhere.


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I am thinking of starting in Joplin and staying through the show west of Amarillo. Sounds like we will have a bunch from the board going through Oklahoma.

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Hey all, i just found this site through the **** links and this is post #1. This is great!

About the Thunder on '66 tour, Im starting the trip here in Chicago and ending in LA!!! Im bringing my 1996 LX and my parents are going to be bringing my moms '66 bird that she has owned since NEW! Its been down RT66 so many times it will probably drive itself.

One of these days ill have a blue with white top with premium interior '02 bird but til then ill look at the 10 some odd 1:18th models that i have here.

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My wife and I are planning on the full length trip. She is a teacher and will have to fly home, and I plan on getting a friend or family member to fly out and drive back with me. Another option I am considering is flying back with her and shipping car home. Last price I heard from Tony was $1250 for the car, but $1000 sounds better. Time will tell.

The excitement continues to build!!
Horseless Carriage quoted me $1500 LA to Florida. Several others on open carriers have quoted $800-900 if you would consider that option. Seems LA to Michigan should be cheaper.

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RL-make sure you mention that you are with the Thunder on group-they are giving a $250 break on LA to East Coast.

So everyone knows-the word is out through the Scoop now-I have 40 confirmed reservations for spots-and they are going fast! So if you are still waffling about the trip, do not delay-we will start out from Chicago with 100 Thunderbirds.

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