This Car......Is the BOMB!

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Jul 14, 2001
This is the most fun car I have ever driven. As I am driving down the road, a guy the next lane is leaning out the window taking photos of the car at the same time.

People want to talk about the car all the time. I ran into the local judge at the supermarket he was looking the car over, I told him I would end up in his jail from speeding tickets, He replied, "Don't worry man!" "I'll cut you loose!"

I have decided that I didn't get enough attention as a child, and well....This is helping...

Mark501, The Bird will make up for your deprived childhood. Happy Motoring,and MAY YOUR WINGS FLY HIGH .
Boy that sounded pretty good, maybe we should use that as our slogan. Like Spock would say Live Long and Prosper.

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