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I have posted that the main reason that I am getting aftermarket wheels is that 15 to 20 years down the line I want to have a like new set of stock chrome wheels to put back on the car.

With the advent of mass use of electronics in today's cars, I am wondering what happens in 2017 when one of the computers or other electronic systems goes south?

I have never taken one of these systems apart and looked to see just what is used in them but my guess is that there are numerous off the shelf electronic components used. With the rapid advances being made in electronics manufacturing many of these components will be obsoleted in a very short period of time, on the order of 4 to 5 years. Not only that but I am sure that the computers being used are custom ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) that are made specifically for the application they are being used in and therefore not available from Radio Shack.

With the older car, say pre 1980's, you can generally find a carb or distributor that will work. Does anyone have any experience with finding replacement modules for the early electronics equipped cars or any insight as to the future availability of current electronic systems?


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With my job as a manager for O'Reilly Auto Parts, it has been my experience that the computers and other elecronic modules are easily found. We have our own company that remanufactures these components at a substantial discount for our customers. e sell the EEC-IV computer for around $400-500, with a lifetime warranty, versus Ford's price of $800-$1400 for a unit that more than likely has a 3 year warranty.

We received our new parts catalogs yesterday-and we have two catalogs that are Ford-specific. I'll be going through them and letting folks here know what we have available for the 02s

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