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Has anyone figured out what the hidden plastic hook thingy on the front of the glove compartment door is for. I haven't found any reference to it in the manual. Maybe it for hanging a do-not-tough sign.

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it's a good place to hang grocery bags to keep what's in them from rolling around. same hook is in the jag s-type.

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My wife's purse would break the darn thing off. I just haven't found a good use for it.

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When someone asks what this hook is, look them right in the eye and tell them it is a question extractor...... and it works!

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I was looking for a way to secure a small garbage sack and hadn't found a good way, so thanks for pointing that out. I think it will work OK for that, tho I may need to alter the little vynil bag so it hangs a bit higher and is not in the way of the passenger.

I also found a small nylon storage sack about 11" long by 4" wide by 4" deep for using in your auto. It has an open top with several pockets and a zipper pocket along the long side. It also has some velcro hooks on the bottom and sits quite well on the storage shelf behind one of the seats. Got it from Target.
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