The Top Boot is Annoying

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I've had my T-Bird three and one half weeks. After clearing out a space in my gargage and washing the car, I took the hardtop off this morning. The convertible top needed a little help to latch the first time but after leaving it up two hours and a couple of cycles I can do it fairly easily. The boot that came with the car does not look like it fits correctly. On the sides it does not meet the body and that plastic lip looks like it wants to pop out on one side. I've ordered the soft boot but any suggestions about this one until it comes?

William Gardner
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The sides have to be tucked under the body before the snaps are fastened.


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The boot will snap on in less than 2 minutes.
I place the boot in place, then snap the 2 snaps: 1st, and 3rd, then the middle snap, go to the other side of the car and repeat the procedure.
As KyBB said, the key is tucking in the sides first. My initial attempt (until someone here clued us in to the proper process) had both sides flapping like wings, with the cover being held down only by the snaps.

It IS tight, but it works. I've no problem with it now.
Thank you KYbluebird for that simple, but very helpful solution. I read the boot installation guide and it said tuck the side and read retainer inside the sheetmetal. I looked at it and thought, "what side retainer" since the rear one tapers to nothing. I thought a piece was missing. The convertible I sold to buy the T-Bird was the easist, a Mercedes SLK with one power steel top. I wish the T-Bird had an automatic hard boot like the M-B CLK and last generation SL. Ford will probably put one on the 2004 along with heated seats, etc., so we will all want to buy a new one.

William Gardner
I have my bluebird since May 11th, the drivers side snap separated from its backing on May 19th. Fortunately my dealer ordered a replacement right away. It is sitting in its factory sealed plastic bag in my garage . . . where it will stay.

Glad you found out how to do it, Lender1, before I came on and said we got ours placed on right the first time. Unfortunately, we have a bad snap that needs replacing but it doesn't affect the fit of the boot. Won't be able to take it in for repair for a couple of weeks.

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Once again, the way to protect the snaps and make them easier to unsnap is to put a little white litheum grease on them occasionally. Just a very small amount does wonders.
In this same area, if anyone has bought the soft cover could you tell us how you like it. From the pictures I've seen the fit looks a little sloppy. Definitly looks like an aftermarket product. That being said, I would still like to have a soft tonneau cover.

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I've had my T since May 18 and have also had to have a second boot ordered due to snap coming off. Had a '94 Mustang prior and its boot fit and was easy to install. This boot needs to get the boot!
The quality of the boot is only seconded by the quality of the sun visors!
Just picked up my second T Bird..and like the first one, the boot is in the garage where it will stay until time to sell the vehicle.
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