The soft boot covers are in the mail!

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Tom M

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Nov 28, 2001
I just got this from Keith:


Been at this all day and finally got them all done. We have shipped (if UPS
can fit them all in the truck) all of the orders except 2 that had approval
issues and one that we were asked to hold. Some folks should get them
tomorrow others on the West coast will be delivered next Wed. If they all
fit as well as yours we certainly have a nice product. Thanks for your


So the wait is ALMOST over, time to start sitting by the door waiting for the UPS guy...

Tom M

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UPS just picked everything up. We took lots of pictures on Sunday when we did the final fit check. Hopefully I can get some of them up on the web site tonight. Check and click on the title of the soft "Travel Boot" product. It will take you to another page with more photos. Thanks to all for waiting, I sure you'll be pleased to have your trunk back for summer trips.

The wait for your soft boot cover ain't nothing compared to waiting for the Bird. I think most of your customers have learned to wait. Besides your product now being on my wait list from UPS, I'm waiting for UPS delivery of the 5th Thunderbird Collection item and a box of 16/8 oz vintage filets with 12 free 5oz hamburgers from Omaha Steaks. Looking forward to the soft boot.
The UPS truck just pulled up and delivered
the soft boot. It looks great. We will
try it on the car later today. Just the
look and feel are a vast improvement on
the original boot. Thanks Keith.

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Just got a delivery from the Big Brown Truck. When the Bird gets home today I'll let you know how the fit is and will send pics to Dot so she can post them on her site. Later.
I forgot that Dot and George will be in Jersey this weekend will post the pics on rtbrd's site.
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UPS just delivered my boot cover.
Great looking quality. I'll be trying it when I get home. The directions appear to be very definitive.

The man in the truck was here the cover is on and looks great, fits snug as a bug. Will take it out for a spin right after diner tonight. Took all of 2 minutes to put on.
Pictures please. I would like to order one but the picture on the web site is not very flattering or clear.

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TBird Marty:

Keep in mind that if you are not 100% satisfied you can return the cover for a refund.


There should be a single page of instructions in the box. If not it's pretty obvious. The key is that you open the trunk, lay the cover on the car with the rear part of the cover just sitting under the gasket around the front of the trunk. Close the trunk BEFORE attaching the snaps. You will have to stretch the cover a little, that's OK it gives. Then tuck the sides and the back under the brake light & you're good to go.

Tom M.

Let Keith know you didn't get instructions, he can send them to you.

Tom M

*Bing* we've got a winner!

Sharp eyes.

The best part is that she was giving me a hard time - move out of the way, don't get in the picture, yada yada....

Oh well nothing Photoshp can't fix.

Tom M
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