The Great Georgia Road Rally- Days Away- News for You!

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With only a few days left until “The Great Georgia Thunderbird Road Rally”, I thought that I would update everyone on the latest news.

It looks like we’re headed for another “first” regarding the 2002 Thunderbird. It’s becoming apparent that we will become the largest gathering, to my knowledge, of 2002 Thunderbird’s anywhere in the world, to date. We have reservations from about from about 70-80 people with about 40 Thunderbird’s, most of them 2002 models, for our gathering this next weekend! We have people coming from all around Georgia, as well as other States too! We have people that will be attending from several area car clubs, in their Thunderbird’s.

We will begin gathering at Chestatee Ford at around 9:00am next Saturday. We will leave their parking lot promptly at 10:30am to begin the journey to the mountains. Various news media have been informed of this event and most likely will be joining us at various places along our route. Please remember to fill your fuel tanks before arriving at Chestatee Ford. For those traveling from Atlanta, there are several gas stations at the intersection of GA400 and Hwy 53, the last ones before your arrival at Chestatee Ford. I have checked the mileage from I-285 in Atlanta at GA400 and it is approximately 45 miles from that interchange to Chestatee Ford. Allow about45 minutes from the 285/400 split to Chestatee Ford. Schedule your departure/arrival times from your homes and hotels accordingly. On your way from Atlanta, don’t confuse “Billy Howell Ford” on the left with Chestatee Ford. Keep driving a little longer and you’ll see it up ahead on the right.

Once at Chestatee Ford, the dealership has been gracious enough to clear an area in their parking lot for our cars and to cater a mid-morning snack for us. This will be a great time for photographs and to get to meet one another. There will be a LOT of new faces at this event. Make sure to bring your cameras and lots of film. If you want to make a “custom” name tag for yourself for this weekend event, feel free to do it. Otherwise, I will have “write-on” name tags available for everyone.

Don’t forget to bring some cash to pay for your meals and beverages and the special “Saturday Evening” event. By the way, dress for this weekend outing is casual at all locations.

Speaking of the “Saturday Evening Event” they are extremely glad that we are coming to see their car collection and the musical stage show. They are changing their “usual” presentation just for us Thunderbird owners. Be prepared for music filled with Thunderbird-inspired songs. They will begin picking us up in groups, from the front of the main lobby of the lodge, starting at 6:00pm. Those that want to drive their own cars can follow the limos to the location of the car collection. As we arrive at their location, we will be served food and drinks. At that time we can also begin browsing their 4-acre facility for our favorite Classic cars. The musical presentation will begin at around 8:30pm.

I hope that this brings everyone ups to date on the latest new for our road rally. There are a lot of things in store for us this next weekend. There are several people that have helped pull this together. Believe me, I could not have done this alone!

If I have forgotten something or if there is some additional information that I need to pass along to everyone attending this gathering, please let me know. You can contact me by e-mail. Have a good week everyone and get those Thunderbirds shined and ready. Our “Great Georgia Thunderbird Road Rally” is about to begin!
I'll be posting photos of this journey during next week, for those on this forum that will not be able to attend. And for those that cannot attend this event, just wait...our "Thunderbird Destination" road rally event will be unveiled next week! Keep your calendars cleared for October 18-21. You won't want to miss this gathering!

One other thing ...PLEASE don't forget to FILL YOUR TANK preferably at GA400 & HWY 53 before you get to Chestatee Ford. There are no planned stops for gas.
Got my car today and unfortunately my wife will not be able to join us this weekend due to family committments.

So I have an empty chair for anyone who has not gotten their car yet.
Should be a fantastic weekend.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: VIN #16050
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