The Good Trip to Florida

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Dispite what happenened to us coming back from Fla. we did have a good trip. Here are the stats on the car. And what we did.

Ok, we put 2,520 miles on the Bird. On the way down we drove 1,068.3 miles down. It took 15 hrs. to do this and we avg. 71.2 mph. We avg. 25.3 mpg on the way down. On the way back we drove 1,120.7 miles back and avg. 24.3 mpg. This took 17 hrs. on the way back, the traffic was a little slower.
We were visiting my dad. He has spent the last year in the hospital and he just got out a week before we got there. He had a hip replacement and while recovering from that he had to have two toes removed from his one foot. He is now back home and doing pretty good. He does have 5 rehab people checking in on him each week. The one rehab person said that we could take my dad out for a ride in the Bird, so I did. He never rode in a car like this and he loved every minute of it. He did notice the other drivers around Sebring giving us the thumbs up. He really liked the ride.

As you have read, we met up with rtbrd,aka jodrod, aka Joe. We had a good visit with him and his wife and did the dinner and sunset thing that we all enjoyed. We will meet up with them next year.

Except for what happend on the way back we had a GOOD time.

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Glad you where able to take your Dad out. i was able to take my Dad (86) out on the mystery drive back in 2000. When he got back to Maui, i guess that is all he talked about for months. Enough, that he had our neighbors down at ford when they finally got a T-bird in to take a look at the car. john

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