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I received call # 2 from Ford Customer Service last night doing the survey on the ownership exerience. Took delivery 10-9-01 and got the first call on 1-9-02. Told them my dislikes, the visors and the hardtop scratching the paint. They asked me if I would like to see such things as XM radio, GPS system, HomeLink, manual or Triptronic trans, and how much I'd be willing to pay for these items. They asked if I would like to see a supercharged version with 375HP. That was a definite YES. Asked if I would be willing to pay $12,000 more for a supercharged version? I swallowed hard but still said yes even though I feel that is a little steep for supercharging a vehicle. I feel that a $3500 - $5000 increase would be more in line.

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I definately agree on the supercharging. I'd love to see it, but the cost should be more in line with your estimate. I bought a new Super Coupe back in 1990, and it was only $2500 more then the LX. As I remember it, the SC's 3.8L did have stronger connecting rods and crankshaft, but unless supercharging would necessitate major engine and/or body modifications (i.e. hood clearance) I can't see where they get $12,000 from.

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At that price, they must be talking about a package - supercharged engine, big Brembos, suspension upgrades, etc, etc. That's what they did with the S-type Jaguar. And I think the T-Bird would need the same upgrades - the stock suspension and brakes couldn't handle much more power, IMO.
Hi all;
I also received follow-up call #2 last
night and I took delivery of my car 1-04-02.
Pretty much the same questions as Lon,
but the contact was about 15 minutes long.
They also asked about a 6-speed standard
trans. if it were available would we buy it
and the price quoted was very high, don't
remember exactly but seems that it was in
the $6000.00 range, I still said yes.
The lady asked if the automatic stick shift
was available for 130.00 would you buy it,
and as reported by GoBird we know that is
already on the option offering for 2003 at
that exact price.
You guys should consider yourselves among the elite. I took delivery 03/04/02 and haven't received call one yet or for that matter collectible #5.

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