Thanks to a forum member in Austin

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What to thank JimmyFitz for taking time
this morning to show us his blue T-Bird.

We went back to our dealer that afternoon
and put in a change order for the Blue.

We will pick up a confirmation letter Friday.
Did stress that the change was in all areas,
top, exterior, and seats. It was good
timing, the salesman said our car was
next on their list to be picked up for
production. When this will be they do not

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I was glad to do this. As someone mentioned on another threaad, we are all Ford's ambassadors where this car is concerned. Besides, I had to pay back the favor granted to me when another forum member and fellow Austinite let me check out his car when he got it (while I was still VIN-less). Thanks again to "mlo ylo". Hope to see you guys "whvt01" and "mlo ylo" around.


Not open for further replies.