Thank You '02 Tbird Owners

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I just wanted to take a second to say how much I as an '03 owner appreciated all you '02 owners for sharing your dream and technical knowledge with us "wanna be" owners out there; we were the ones that always admired your cars from distance but were too embarrassed to walk up and say we have that same dream. I guess we have been taught at home and business not to talk about it until its real.. But, Geez do we envy you all for being the first.

This has been one of the most informed decisions I have ever made thanks to all of you '02 Owners for sharing issues over the Forum. In reading through the '03 owners manual there appeared to be no issue that was not addressed thanks to you all bringing them forward ( I was set to FedEx my roof tapes to the Ford Pres, but it appears to be modified on the roof edge now). Because of you all, the '03 is one step closer to perfection and still held in high regard by those who are ready to make that same buy decision on an '03 or an '04; who are now reading this.

Thank You,
Jim Jette '03 Mountain Shadow Grey/Saddle
vin 100192

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jimjet, I Couldnt have said it better. Thanks to all, Terry
white/white '03 01143, Bld seq 0666
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