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Nov 29, 2001
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Seeing's how I may get by Bird some day in 2008, I've been playing around with my TSO 2002 C/D. While I'm probably not supposed to have this, it's a very interesting item if you happen to come across one. Paired with the owner's manual it tells me everything I wanted to know about the Bird but was afraid to ask. Nothing in the way of graphics but the techie stuff is great. Just FYI.

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Got mine on eBay. If you don't find one there, or somewhere, I can ask around.
I paid $30 for mine. You can get them for $20 plus $4 shipping in the States. Just email to: Daytona@******* (you can tell 'em Wudzee sent you, but make sure you wink at the door.) ; )


I forgot to mention he thought he had 7 or 8 of them left. Probably plenty.
I've put this over on the "For Sale" BB as it may more properly be listed there.
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