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Apr 11, 2001
Can anyone help me locate an old Thunderbird wallpaper image that used to be displayed on the fordvehicles image page? It featured a white T-bird on the coastal highway with a woman driver wearing a long scarf trailing in the breeze. I have an 800x600 copy, but need the 1024x768 version. For some reason, Ford removed all the interesting wallpapers from their site and replaced them with [IMHO] boring indoor shots. A pointer to the web or email attachment of the graphic would be appreciated. TIA
tr cruiser,

I did a search on "wallpaper thunderbird", and think I have found what you are looking for! Not quite sure if I can make this an actual link, or just text, but try the following: http://www.wapers.com/vehicles09.htm
There are 4 different pictures, one of which is the white convertible with a woman driving, scarf flying. There are 3 different background sizes available, 800x600, 1024x768 & 1280x1024. Hope this helps!

Cool, it did create an actual link - thanks tbird/ubb software!
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Thanks, that was the one. Just proving that nothing ever disappears on the internet.
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