TBird Wall Calendar

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No, only know of a 55,56, 57, 62 calendar.

There is a Prototype Concept Cars 2002 with photos by Ron Kimball with one picture of the black concept with red interior - and the picture is not on one of the months but on the planner page.

BrownTrout publishers has told me that they'll have a calendar out for 2003 that'll have some 2002 Thunderbirds in it. We'll just have to wait and see. They should have their website updated with the 2003 calendars by June.
I see today that Borders/Amazon has the 2003 Thunderbird calendar on sale. Priced at $10.39, due for shipping in May.

I was actually looking for a book that I found at Borders today. It's Thunderbird Chronicle, by the auto editors of Consumer Guide. Retail is $24.95. I happened to find a copy on the shelf - which is good as I'm not finding it on their website. I'd suggest that anyone interested in this book check out their local Borders bookstore. It's a 12x12 book, 3/4 inch thick, covers all years of T-birds, several pages on the 2002.
I just checked out Browntrout's website and they have their Thunderbird calendar for 2003 listed there with a black & white 1957 on the cover but the back picture is not up so don't know what other Thunderbirds will be in the calendar. Guess we'll have to wait for them to fix that photo unless someone has spotted it on another site.

and Kristi, I just found your message above about the Thunderbird Chronicles book.
I have the 2002 Browntrout TBird calander and it is really nice with photos of 55,56,57,and 62 Birds and their owners names
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