tbird w/o hardtops

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Judging from many of the posts, it sounds like pretty soon a lot of dealers are going to have convertibles without hardtops available, and I kind of doubt they'll be pulling as much over MSRP as the models with the removable top. My question is, if you purchase the convertible, can you later buy a removable hard top for it? Can it be installed? Or does the other version have some sort of special connection for it that the non hardtop version doesn't have? I'm sure there will be someplace to order the tops from...

It is my understanding that a hardtop is available for about $6000.00 according to the salesman at my dealership.

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I think your Ford salesman, as often seems to be the case when it comes to the new Birds, is full of it.
As I understand it, from others posting on this board, you will save $2,500.00 on the cost of the new Bird if you get one without the hardtop. To later purchase the top from the parts department will cost $3,500.00. So if you think you will want to get a hardtop for your Bird it is $1,000.00 cheaper to buy it with the car.

I'm sure as time goes on a secondary market for used hardtops will develop, just as it did for the first little birds. However, they are rather heavy and cumbersome to ship.

My advice is to get both tops when you buy the car.
If you want a hardtop get it NOW and don't even think of getting it later from the parts department. Having grown up in the Ford business I can tell you that IF it becomes available it will cost about twice what you think it will. But if you don't have to have the hardtop you should be able to get a better deal. John
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