Tbird production vs others

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SoCal Tbird

Does anyone know how many Lexus SC430, Porsche Boxters, and yes even the BMW M3 are being made this year?
SolCal, don't mean to sound smart about this, BUT who cares.

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I think I read that Lexus is importing 12,000 SC430's into the U.S. for the 2002 model year. No clue about Boxter and M3 numbers. Hope this helps.

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I recently had a SC430 discussion on this very subject. I guess we must have the majority of these cars here in San Diego because I/we see a lot of them running around town. It gotten to the point where we don't even notice them anymore. You don't think that will happen to our TBirds do you? I don't think so. Have only seen 2 Birds on the road so far.
Tampa Bay area must also have a lot of SC430's, I too do not take notice any more. I have only see one blue and one black Bird on the roads around here, I know that there are more but I just don't see them.
I think the SC430's styling is quite bland and, especially with the top up, blends into the other cars on the road. The T-Bird styling should never blend in top up or down.
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