Tbird on PBS Motor Week

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Motor Week on PBS has a bit on the Tbird scheduled for Sunday at 11:30 AM on WMHT Schenectady NY. Does anyone know if it's a repeat of their 2 previous Tbird articles or some new goodie?
Sorry guys, it was a repeat.
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Don`t know if show is a repeat but it`s great news you got your Vin#. Hope this means more 2 of 2 will be getting Vin# soon. Another wave of birds have landed here in southern Ontario. The 3 birds I looked at have vins in the 6000, I guess this goes along with older vins going down the line 2 weeks ago. It`s one year today I put deposit down and ordered bird.

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I watched the show on UNC Public TV---they did the normal type review, and were very happy with the car. Their initial report months ago was a cursory glance since they couldn't get their hands on one to actually test. The handling, ride, performance, styling, etc. drew good comments. As they said, it's the only way to fly!
Did anyone watch ESPN this afternoon from 2p-3p? I switched over at halftime of the NE/Pittsburgh game at 2:30p, and there was a one hour show that was on this year's Detroit Auto Show...I only caught a glimpse of a blue bird w/white hardtop, but nothing was said about the car from 2:30 on...just curious if anything was said about the bird between 2p and 2:30p?

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