TBird is in the Funnies

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Today's Dagwood has a commentary on an easily identifiable auto. Don't like the joke, but do like the car. Ford's built only half the supply, but they are beginning to be everywhere. Even in the funny papers.


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Better yet....

I recognized it to be a leftover, new '55 and that the cartoon had a subliminal message to entice a perspective buyer of a newbird. Or, maybe Mort Walker just took delivery of his new '02.

Maybe someone should do their homework, and use a Vette?

In 1955, the dealers took 4000 orders for Thunderbirds the first day-only a paltrey 600 or so Vettes sold in the first year!

*************, Chairman-Thunder on 66
Some of you T-Bird historians. What Killed
the 2 seater bird. The Vette and Bird
appeared to start off with the same concept
but the vette took off after the addition
of a V-8.

Was the Bird trying to be more of a luxury
car than performance like the vette. ????

Oh Mother said the cartoon was not funny.
I told her maybe he (cartoonist)has had one
ordered for 2 years too.
The Thunderbird was never intended to be a sports car like the Vette.

The term "personal luxury car" was coined when the Thunderbird was built.

And the two seat concept died because Ford felt that the Thunderbird would do MUCH better as a four-seat luxury coupe-a thought that was very intuitive, based upon the success of the Thunderbird from 1958-1966.

We all have our loves-some, the original two-seater; some love the Squarebirds, or the Bulletbirds, or the Flairbirds. My preference is the Superbirds of 89-97.

But no matter what model run, we all have one thing in common-the winged warrior called the Ford Thunderbird!

*************, Chairman-Thunder on 66
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